Machine won't boot with maverick - natty kernels

Pierre Meurisse pierre.meurisse at
Sun Jul 10 02:41:44 UTC 2011

Hi !

I'm running 10.10 on my X71SL amd64 asus machine. It's an upgrade from 10.04.
I can't run linux-image-2.6.35-25-generic that came with maverick.
I have to keep the 2.6.32 wich works all right.

I wrote bug report 718826 that led to nothing :

Now I try a natty live CD and I get the same error messages, with freeze of the machine.

I must be very careful not to loose the 2.6.32 !

I have a debian sid distro on that machine, which works perfectly with newer kernels
till 2.6.39.

Why doesn't ubuntu like my machine ?

Can I run natty with a debian kernel ?

Pierre Meurisse

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