Can not Login as Administrator

Nils Kassube kassube at
Sat Jul 9 08:01:04 UTC 2011

Md Ashickur Rahman Noor wrote:
> Before installing Ubuntu Netbook-remix I can log in my regular user
> named "ashickur-noor" which has the admin priviliges. But After
> install it I can not log in to any desktop environment except bash.
> Even though I try to create new user as a normal user with no admin
> privileges, and user that user can access in all DE. After that I
> give that user admin privileges and the problem continue. But a
> normal user with out admin privileges can access.

Oh, sorry - I misread your previous mails, but I think this clarifies 
your problem. Unfortunately I don't think I can help you here because 
I'm not familiar with the netbook-remix (I only know it was abandoned 
with 11.04). Anyway, can you tell us which version you are using (10.04, 
10.10)? That might be a relevant detail.


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