Can not Login as Administrator

Ray Leventhal ubuntu at
Fri Jul 8 19:55:57 UTC 2011

On 7/8/2011 2:19 PM, Md Ashickur Rahman Noor wrote:
> I don't know what happen, I just install Ubuntu Netbook-Remix on Lucid.
> Log out and try to log in. The log in screen was magnifyned and when I
> give my administrator user and password to log in it is not working. But
> I can use bash. And also general user account can log in. I try to
> create a new user from bash. It works but when I give the new user admin
> power same problem.
> Now what can I do?

To start, I'd read this, then come back if you still have questions 
about logging in.

Further, please explain what you mean that you can't log in but you can 
use 'bash'.  I doubt you'll have any shell, bash or otherwise, without 
first logging in.

If you're talking about logging in as 'root', that's not available 
without specifically enabling it (in Debian and derivatives, such as 
Ubuntu).  The security model in Debian flavors of GNU/Linux call for the 
use of /sudo/ when root privileges are needed.

Of course, I may have wholly misunderstood the question(s) - if that's 
the case, sorry for the noise.

Ray Leventhal

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