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Fri Jul 8 13:53:39 UTC 2011

Dear users,

I have been using a scientific software called Quantum Espresso(QE),  
which computes some of the electronic properties of materials. There  
is a GUI called PWgui that is to facilitate the preparation of input  
files of QE. Although PWgui version 4.3, which I have installed in my  
Ubuntu 11.04 machine, could browse the example input file contained in  
../espresso-4.3.1/examples/example01/results, it was not able to open  
the file. The paths for QE version 4.3.1 and pwgui executable is the  
following, where inkaya is both the root name and my user name:



Also a log file for the error has been attached. The problem might be  
elementary but I am not an experienced Ubuntu user, so any answer  
could be important for me to save time. Thanks in advance.


Ugur Yigit Inkaya
PhD student
Middle East Technical University

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