KDE and Graphics

Pritam Baral pritam at pritambaral.co.cc
Fri Jul 8 13:45:46 UTC 2011

I recently tried the Kubuntu Desktop (on both Natty and Maverick). Though
the visuals in the plasma-desktop are really good, it seems to take up the
graphics resources entirely for itself. Youtube videos play choppy,
fullscreen transition is also a pain. When I play local videos in VLC, the
frame-dropping and motion-blur occur. Though I like the Plasma visuals a
lot, is there any way to drop some resource-hogging features temporaryly,
(powersave doesn't free the graphics resources either). Or is it just my
system configuration?

My configs:

i3-370m 2.4GHz
ATI MobilityRadeonHD 5470 (512mb)
15" screen
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