How to access Internet Thro Blutooth modem

h4ck freak at
Mon Jul 4 23:05:15 UTC 2011

So this is Wat i have tried in my ubuntu , Used hcitool scan to get my
Bluetooth address , and i found successfully closely look at my konsole

then i added my username in the dip group usin this command
"sudo useradd -G dip sure...ndar" , then i opened up a new knosole and typed
the "sdptool browse"

then i
looked in the same terminal for "Service Name: Dial-up networking"
four or five lines under that there will be a "channel:" entry write
thatknew number down. come to knew that is my dial up networking bluetooth

then i added my Blutooth address manually with this command

sudo rfcomm bind rfcomm0 {your bluetooth address} {your bluetooth channel}

after made a entry typed a "sudo pppconfig"

there some screen poped up and let allowed me to create a Connection
manually for my Dial up, after enterd all the root name server and Secondary
IP(Address, Which is optional) ,i made a connection then after i pressed
alt+f2 for the connection window and it did not worked ?? why so ??

* face the fact that we all have plenty to learn about this field. Deal with
the failures, use them as motivation, learn something new every day.

Claiming false credentials and phantom skillsets will not get you far,
especially when 63248651487512645876531864 people in the universe know how
to use the internet*
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