Acceptable format for posts to this list

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Tue Jul 5 06:54:56 UTC 2011

I just noticed - after all this time! :-( - that what I posted came back 
to me in the same format as when I sent it  - that is, it was in HTML 
format. And I did send the message in HTML.

Other lists I belong to reject any posts in HTML format and will only 
accept posts in text format only.

Does ubuntu-users naturally accept messages in HTML format or was this 
simply a temporary hiccup in the list server's settings?

(In any case, I have altered TB to send future posts to this list in 
text format only, but I would still like to know the answer to the 
question - if anyone knows what that may be, that is.)


God must love crazy people. He keeps making so many of them.

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