Restating/Rephrasing the question - was [Re: A "green" distro of Ubuntu?]

Avi lists at
Mon Jul 4 19:27:43 UTC 2011

Hal Burgiss wrote:
> I have only read a portion of the thread, but a server install can be
> done without the gui cruft.  Pure cli. There is still going to be
> kernel bloat, but post install, you can hand roll your own, and dump
> the stock one. If you want.

There is a good amount of the system that is neither part of a GUI nor
the kernel. If he's aiming for an ultimately-pared-down OS I don't
think the server install is particularly a better place to start than a
normal Ubuntu install.

Either way, dpkg/apt* has something of a reputation for pulling in more
than is necessary in the name of ease of administration. There are
other distros that allow for (and require) greater control over the
software, as have been mentioned elsewhere in this thread.


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