Curt Tresenriter ctres at
Mon Jul 4 16:07:00 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I've been lurking here for a month or two and thought it was time I 
introduce myself.

I'm an unemployed truck driver and neon tube bender living in northern 
I have a bit of an education. I attended Cisco Academy back in 2003 but 
haven't been motivated to sit for the exam yet and I've had just enough 
electronics training to be dangerous.

I've been using Ubuntu since the beginning and have loved it 
unconditionally ...until recently.
Loyalty will surely prompt me to try 11.xx and Unity again soon but I 
have to confess Linux Mint is wooing me a bit. One of these days I'm 
going to dive in to LFS with both feet and hopefully get a real 
GNU/Linux education.
I still have Gutsy Gibbon running on one machine and have never had a 
problem with it. Another machine runs Hardy but the hard disk is on it's 
last legs. I'm planning on trying out Clonezilla or something else (any 
other suggestions for this job?) to get that installation onto a healthy 

I like to read, listen to and make music - I'm a perennial guitar 
student and passable rhythm player, attempting to teach myself finger 
I love the old Mississippi Delta and other Blues players and the Folkies 
like Davey Graham, Bert Jansch, etc. and the /real/ Country and 
Bluegrass pickers - Country doesn't mean much anymore since Nashville 
has been co-opted by what they are now calling "Real Country" (oh 
please!!!), you know - the "hat" bands.... not to disparage the 
musicians, some of those guitarists are consummate players and they 
surround themselves with very talented sidemen/women.

I'm a lifelong fan of radio (remember when music on radio used to be 
good?), especially short wave and would choose radio over television any 

Well, this is probably enough if not too much information so I'll stop now.


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