Support shortbacks in Ubuntu 11.04 (64 bits)

Liam Proven lproven at
Mon Jul 4 13:42:25 UTC 2011

On 29 June 2011 20:00, Leandro Andrade Faria <lafaria at> wrote:
> For the driver development team in Ubuntu distribution and the members of
> brazillian Ubuntu Council,
> Dear friends, my name is Leandro Faria, I'm brazillian and currently living
> in Passos, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. I'm writting to you now in order
> to comunicate one aspect of Ubuntu 11.04 (64 bits) OS that need
> improvements. I just bought a new laptop from Positivo, which is the main
> desktop, laptop and tablet manufacturer in Brazil, a company present in all
> Latin America. This group sells equipments under two different brands:
> Positivo and Sim+. Millions of machines every fiscal year. As a costumer, I
> replaced the original Mandriva 2010.2 distro in my laptop for the current
> Ubuntu 11.04 (64 bits). Unfortunately, the webcam that was working properly
> along Mandriva is not supported in Ubuntu. As a result, I'll be forced to
> install either another Linux distro or Windows to have my equipment fully
> working. This letter is just to inform you that if my equipment was fully
> supported by the Ubuntu built-in drivers, then I wouldn't remove Ubuntu at
> all. Once the Ubuntu developers and Canonical have the goal of reaching 200
> million users in the next couple of years, I think that it would be nice to
> recognize that the Positivo equipments should be a priority as well, just as
> it happens with Dell, HP, Lenovo etc. Many of this new Ubuntu users might
> come from developing countries, specially Brazil. I ask you to thighten
> relations with Positivo equipments sure that once this is done many
> brazillian PC users would migrate to Ubuntu. Should I expect that the next
> version Ubuntu, the 11.10 edition, will have a better support for this
> manufacturer's machines? (special attention to webcam is necessary)
> Please, accept my humble apologies for all the mistakes I've surely commited
> while writting this email in english.
> Thanks in advance for the attention,

The body of the email is fine - don't worry, your English is excellent.

But what is a "shortback"?

Also, if you could tell us the make/model of your webcam - just the
cam, not the laptop - someone may be able to point you at a driver.

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