A "green" distro of Ubuntu?

Hal Burgiss hal at burgiss.net
Sat Jul 2 20:13:21 UTC 2011

On Sat, Jul 2, 2011 at 3:45 PM, Richard Owlett <rowlett at pcnetinc.com> wrote:

> IIRC Win 3.1 had a competitor ~1979 which ran ontop of MS-DOS.
> Can't modern *nix do better?

You seem to be looking for something almost nobody cares about, and then
complain about how hard it is to find. The world has moved a long way since

> I can not find it at moment, but I believe Ive seen refetrences to under 10
> MB Linux distros ? ?? ??? ?????
I used to use Toms Root Boot disk back in the Win3.1 days. Complete distro
on a 1.44M floppy, including ssh client, pppd dialer (for dial up), and the
best editor now or then, vi. Linux to go. Lacked a GUI of course, but its
still available and with a little effort and cleverness could probably have
X shoehorned into it (though obviously not still living on a floppy), and
keep the whole thing under 10Megs. Maybe. Depending on the inevitable X
bloat factor.

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