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Ric Moore wayward4now at
Sat Jul 2 19:41:07 UTC 2011

On Sat, 2011-07-02 at 18:20 +0100, Avi wrote: 
> Pastor JW wrote:
> > This is absolutely amazing!  For years I have seen nothing but daily
> > Nvidia problems on this list so have gone out my way to stay away
> > from them AND recommend my 50+ users to go ATI which of course always
> > just works out of the box with no tinkering.  Now the whole group of
> > you is touting Nvidia?  Does misery love company or what is the
> > deal?  Ah! Wait, ...if you guys actually got it working you can be
> > seen as an "expert"?!!  Ok, I get it!!  But no, I do not recommend
> > Nvidia for anything serious.
> Which one of the two has the better support varies. 
> The first time I was looking at non-trivial graphics cards all the
> advice was to stick to NVidia and avoid ATi because support for ATi
> cards was dire. That's still my first assumption, despite ATi now
> apparently beeing the better of the two - I'm not following it so
> closely any more, but it still looks weird to see a recommendation for
> ATi.

It has only been within the last year or so that ATI is finally coming
into it's own within 3D graphical arenas being recommended. I hang out
on two such lists, for 3D world building and nVidia has always been the
preferred board over ATI, in the past. 

The only problem with nVidia and Linux is that the vendors will take
their code/methodology and install it differently than it was originally
designed to install. The stock nVidia driver install, directly from
nVidia will put it's libs in different directories from Ubuntu/ Fedora/

Then Joe Lunchbucket decides to install the nVidia supplied driver file,
after reading a how-to written in 2003. For whatever reason it doesn't
work, after it completes, so Joe proceeds to install his distro version
and now libs-sh*t is all over the place. What is between the chair and
the keyboard usually shorts out the driver install process. Then we read
about it here, usually fueled with disgust, angst, rage, blame, massive
denial and threats to return to Windows XT. 

The whole resultant drama makes me cackle & giggle. Once jockey settles
in to do it's job, no more worries. :) Ric 

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