GRUB failure

compdoc compdoc at
Sat Jul 2 00:28:53 UTC 2011

>Or, has GRUB destroyed the software build of the computer, and all of
>the data, requiring a complete reinstallation of all of the operating
>systems installed on the computer?

I don't think grub would do that. Hard drives do fail, and laptop drives are
prone to failing more often than desktop.

There's a good chance all your data is there, but this is an excellent time
to back up your files from all of your OSes.

You can boot the Ubuntu CD and run it 'live' - meaning from the CD. It will
allow you to get to your files.

Also, once you are running from the CD, open the gnome Disk Utility. In the
program, select your laptop drive and click the Smart Data button. See if
all the bullets are green, or see if there are any red ones. It will tell
you if the drive is healthy (trustworthy) or not.

If you can't find your drive in the Disk Utility list, it's possible its

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