Deja Vu all over again!

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Fri Jul 1 22:16:15 UTC 2011

On 01/07/11 14:12, Liam Proven wrote:
> On 1 July 2011 12:57, Ben Darby<bendarb at>  wrote:
>> * Liam Proven (lproven at wrote:
>>> On 1 July 2011 07:31, Jordon Bedwell<jordon at>  wrote:
>>>> On 07/01/2011 01:23 AM, Ric Moore wrote:
>>>>> Heh, I certainly believe in acupuncture and bee stings for relief for
>>>>> arthritis, as they have worked for me. Millions of others do too... but
>>>>> they're all just ~gullible~ Chinese, who will shortly own us all.
>>>> I've only been to the chiropractor once and I've done acupuncture once too
>>>> and each time I walked out of the place feeling ready to take on the entire
>>>> world.  Especially with the chiropractor because he certainly showed me that
>>>> my back really was messed up from sitting improperly in my chair for so long
>>>> everyday, I didn't even know it was messed up until I I could the
>>>> difference.
>>> It wasn't messed up. Chiropractors are charlatans; all backs creak
>>> like that, it's normal. I am sure most believer fervently in what they
>>> do, but it's bogus.
>>> Acupuncture cures nothing, *but* the transient placebo effect does
>>> provide pain relief. Needles stuck in at random will do this, though,
>>> as will fake needles, sugar pills and saline injections. It's just
>>> flim-flam. All the stuff about "meridians" and "qi" is nonsense.
>> And you're concerned about people spreading misinformation...
> I can produce solid evidence that these statements are true. They are
> objective, demonstrable fact.
second this wholeheartedly!
Quacks like witch-doctors, herbalists, chiropractors. acupuncturists, 
etc. etc. have only one interest: their own pocket.
We have here in Holland a famous case of a very capable actress who died 
needlessly by the (in)actions of acupuncturists and a faith healer!.
If you have problems with your body go to a qualified doctor and let him 
decide on the best treatment. That is the only good way in a civilized 
Joep (M.D. retired).

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