GRUB failure

Goh Lip g.lip at
Fri Jul 1 19:27:23 UTC 2011

On 07/02/2011 03:02 AM, Bret Busby wrote:
> Since that shutown, each time that I reboot the computer, it takes me to
> the FRUB prompt 9rather than the GRUB boot menu), and I cannot bot the
> computer into any operating system.
> How do I get GRUB to configure itself, to detect the installed operating
> systems so the computer is usable once again?

Bret, grub-legacy is getting kind of 'rusty' now for me. But I'll try to 
bring up whatever I could. If someone out here can add or help, that 
will be good.

At grub prompt, we will need to set back the 8.04 grub-legacy grub to 
mbr. To do that the commands are (at the grub prompt)

root (hdX,Y)
setup (hd0)

or use chainload (at the grub prompt) to boot up ubuntu

root (hdX,Y)
chainloader +1

If you don't know, and it's always best to be sure, what the (hdX,Y) 
is,(at the grub prompt), issue this command..
find /boot/grub/stage1
You will be given 2 input as you have Debian 5 there, (use the ubuntu as 
we here are more familiar with it).

Once you booted up to ubuntu, at terminal
sudo grub-install /dev/sda  (assuming sda)

But you may have to be prepared for more serious problems unrelated to 
grub itself, but hopefully, try this out first before we go there.

Good luck - Goh Lip

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