[OT] Ubuntu netbook edition or desktop edition ?

Donald Talbert donaldtalbert at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 07:48:01 UTC 2011

On Tue, 2011-06-28 at 13:55 -0500, Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Jun 2011 12:27:50 -0400
> Donald Talbert <donaldtalbert at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Really... its about 20pixels your talking with tweaking, . I don't see
> > how there's a loss horizontally? The bar is only there when no
> > programs need that space, you know that right? 
> I have it On Good Authority that size doesn't matter.  ;-}
> It is however many pixels of loss, not gain, which was my point
> entirely.  The actual size is not at question.  Gain/lose.  Those are
> very different things.  ...plus, your original statement was, "It'll
> give you a tad bit more vertical viewing space."  That isn't horizontal
> space you are talking about, it is, as you clearly stated, vertical
> space.

What I said is what I meant. 

Out of the box you'll gain more vertical viewing room. When you maximize
a program the top bar disappears. The only space being taken up is the
space of your programs visual window.

> > 
> > I mean really guys, if your going to cut me down on giving honest
> > advice to the OP on which version (He didn't specify customizing,
> > tweaking, etc) he should use for his netbook, then he might as well
> > just not start x, maybe even rebuild his kernel while hes at it to
> > save a few MB of ram. ;)
> I don't see anyone, especially me, cutting you down.  I merely question
> the validity of what you said.  Being wrong doesn't imply inferiority
> at all.  Have not we all been wrong occasionally?  I, personally, view
> /my/ being wrong as an opportunity for personal growth.

I'm a bit confused, I didn't say anything about inferiority. "Cutting me
down", means I was IMPLYING that I have a feeling biases about certain
versions of gnome are coming into play here. Confusing the OP is what
I'm concerned about, only if he's a simple end user and not a launchpad
member. When I responded to him, emails followed by other's questioning
my advice as if it was invalid, I tend to view things from the OP's
point of view to get the information he needs. 

As far as personal growth goes, I tend to stay out of topics I am not
100% sure about and observe so I do not confuse the person in need of
help. Thats why we train help desk members to respond to the classic
customer saying "My computer's screen cut off!" with "Is your monitor
turned on? Can you double check ma'am / sir?" before getting technical.
I can't judge someone's technical proficiency via 1 sent email, so if
they ask a simple question, they will get a simple answer they
understand. Then they may add more information later if they needed more

> > 
> > So, if you already knew your own answer why did you ask Cybe? I'm here
> > to help, hence the "technical support only mailing list" not debate.
> > It almost seems like some people jump in just because its unity, hah,
> > just sayin'...
> Well, since you've chosen to single me out;

I didn't exactly "single" you out. You replied to my email, quoted me,
and asked me a question. Then you answered your own question after I
took the time to help you. I am all for discussion for educational
reasons but unity vs gnome 2.x that would be another 'thread' since that
would be OT, which I should mark this now.

> I didn't know as I haven't measured.  My feeling from my admittedly
> short experience with Unity was that it didn't give me any more vertical
> space.  I wondered if someone could show me how it could.  I was hoping
> for some technical enlightenment.

That's the difference, I have extensive experience with gnome 2.x and
daily experience with since 11.04 rolled out gnome 3 w/ unity. 

> I post this post now to this technical list because you
> were /technically/ wrong.

I disagree, if you can, grab a copy of virtualbox and turn on AMDV or
equivalent in your BIOS with 10.04 and 11.04 as I have setup right now
and put them side by side on your monitor. Even on applications windowed
and maximized windowed, the new interface WILL provide more vertical

If the OP was talking about customization then I would of worded
differently, but he seemed to just be saying "Hey everybody! Which
version should I use for my netbook?", so I responded with regards of
vertical viewing space since I am the owner of 2 netbooks and that's my
top concern over anything. Its hard to work if you don't have the proper
viewing space IMO.

> ...but a really nice guy, I am sure!

I'm sure you are too. :)

> Cybe R. Wizard
> -- 
> Nice computers don't go down.
> 	Larry Niven, Steven Barnes
> 		"The Barsoom Project"

I just imagine the OP (if hes new to here) may be confused after all the
discussion not directly centered around the person in need; him. But if
you want to say I'm wrong please back it up or tell me how I'm wrong so
I can see it for myself, that my answer is wrong.

I check this list every couple days, open up some VM software like
virtualbox side by side with gnome 2.x and gnome 3 w/ unity and if you
have a better way of saving space after doing that, like I said, let me
know how I and everyone else can do it.

Don't take me the wrong way, its easy to misjudge the attitude of
someone over email (as I have). This is just a casual discussion now. :)
Like they say, "7% of communication consists of words themselves".


Donald Talbert <donaldtalbert at gmail.com>

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