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Basil Chupin blchupin at
Fri Jul 1 06:36:21 UTC 2011

On 29/06/11 00:36, Alan Pope wrote:
> On 28 June 2011 05:57, NoOp<glgxg at>  wrote:
>> Seemed a bit inappropriate to me&  wondered what the heck *he* was
>> talking about...
> Indeed.

Indeedy "Indeed".

>   The OP raises a valid point about how Ubuntu will support a
> constant moving target of Firefox or Chrome.

The OP wrote:

Now that Mozilla Firefox has abandoned supporting their latest version 
more than a few months, what default alternative will Ubuntu use?

No supporting evidence to this claim - just simply the above claim.

>   Basil seemed to fly off
> the handle in a rather inappropriate way.

Having just installed Firefox 5 to replace Firefox version 4 on my 
system an hour or so before the above unsupported claim suddenly 
appeared on this list from an aliased gmail account deserved the 
response it got.

I note that you, and NoOp, took at least 3 days to respond - and after 
reading other people's responses no doubt :-) .

> Al.


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