RhythmBox No longer downloading cd information

sktsee sktseer at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 18:01:20 UTC 2011

On Mon, 26 Dec 2011 20:19:37 -0600, Wade Smart wrote:

> Ive not listened to any cd's in a while butwhen I put one in I notice
> its no longergoing to online to download the cdinformation and, I cant
> seem to find thatoption in the preferences. Is something up that Ive
> missed withthe music app? Wade
> --

nope, for some reason the Ubuntu maintainers have decided to package 
rhythmbox without the dependency on the correct libmusicbrainz library 
needed to query musicbrainz.org for CD and track information. If you want 
rhythmbox (or any app using "bad" gstreamer plugins) to get the CD info, 
you'll either have to compile the source and configure it to use 
libmusicbrainz3 (the version rhythmbox supports that works correctly) or 
find a ppa or some other 3rd party repo that has the necessary support 


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