Keeping focused to the same window no matter what happens

Johnny Rosenberg gurus.knugum at
Mon Dec 26 12:16:18 UTC 2011

2011/12/26 Koh Choon Lin <2choonlin at>:
> Hi
>> In all operating systems I've tried so far in my life (Windows 98-XP,
>> Ubuntu 7.04-11.10, Mandriva 2008.0-2009.0, Mint etc), there is one
>> thing that annoys me a lot. Let's say that I just started up the
>> operating system. Then I click a few icons to start a few applications
>> that I usually need for the things I use to do. It's generally a web
>> browser (Opera in my case), a spreadsheet application (LibreOffice
>> Calc for instance) and maybe something more. Of course one of the
>> applications, let's say Opera, are finished starting up before the
>> others and I start to work with it. A few seconds later another
>> application, let's say LibreOffice Calc, is ready to go. What happens
>> then is that what I was typing in Opera is typed into LibreOffice Calc
>> instead.
> One way is to keep the software "on top"

Unless that I don't want it on top when I click on another window…

> and the other way is to make
> the window focus on where the mouse cursor is.

I remember I tried that once, a couple of years ago, but I didn't like
it. The mouse pointer was some times accidently moved and that could
be frustrating too.
Thanks anyway for the suggestions.
> These two functions are not available in Microsoft Windows.

Well, I don't have anything from Microsoft anyway, so I don't care
about that detail… (well, I think there is a Microsoft mouse lying
around somewhere collecting dust, but that doesn't count, does it…?)

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg

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