init.d scripts disappeared in 10.04

Barry txscope at
Sun Dec 25 22:00:27 UTC 2011

On Sun, Dec 25, 2011, at 02:25 PM, Ric Moore wrote:
> On 12/25/2011 08:04 AM, Nils Kassube wrote:
> > Barry wrote:
> >> At some point, the machine wouldn't shut down gracefully. I had to
> >> hold down the power button to get it stopped. I didn't pay too much
> >> attention in the beginning, but finally looked at the console before
> >> hitting the power button and the avahi daemon was complaining that
> >> /etc/init.d/rc didn't exist. I meant to look into it but never did.
> >
> >> What might have happened and how do I fix it -- short of
> >> re-installing?
> Sometimes re-installing ain't a bad thing. Heh, using the right CD fixed 
> mine. Ric
> -- 

Nils, I had nothing in init.d -- in fact init.d was not a directory, but
a regular file that had nothing to do with run levels or services.

I moved that file out of the way, installed the sysv-rc file in a new
directory I named init.d, and then tried to upgrade grub, but got an
error about a conflict with nouveau. The problem in the end was a
failure in overwriting files in /etc/kernel/ -- which, like init.d --
was no longer a directory but some stray file. Looking around further I
found that /etc/grub.d was not a directory, but a symlink to a file that
looked like a bittorrent  file. 

My upgrade to Lucid must have been badly mangled -- or I was hacked,
which seems so unlikely because I have not used this machine much, and
certainly for nothing exotic. If I was hacked, it's a pretty useless
zombie since it's so rarely powered up and connected. But I don't know.
I've searched on the web for any of these things and found nothing. 

Ric, I think you are right. It's time for a reinstall. Whether mangled
or hacked, it looks like the right way to go. I just have to decide what
to install. It's a dual boot with Win 7 on the other partition. I like
Ubuntu because it's friendly to commercial video on this one. Maybe I'll
try 11.10 and see the terrible Unity for myself. 


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