init.d scripts disappeared in 10.04

Barry txscope at
Sat Dec 24 20:52:15 UTC 2011

I have a laptop that I don't use very often, and when I do, I don't do
much with it.

At some point, the machine wouldn't shut down gracefully. I had to hold
down the power button to get it stopped. I didn't pay too much attention
in the beginning, but finally looked at the console before hitting the
power button and the avahi daemon was complaining that /etc/init.d/rc
didn't exist. I meant to look into it but never did. 

Then in October, I did the rather large update that came along, and it
failed to update a few packages, including cups, grub and dbus. I
couldn't boot into the new kernel -- 2.6.32-34, but I could drop back to
2.6.32-33, and again I put off looking into the problem. The error then
mentioned a conflict between the nvidia driver, but it seemed worse than
that because the grub menu was incomplete for the 2.6.32-34 kernel.

After firing it up again today, there were more upgrades, and the acpid,
apport, clamav and unattended-upgrades also failed. The apt errors were
different now: they all said that /etc/init.d couldn't be overwritten. I
finally looked and the entire init.d directory is indeed gone, replaced
by a small xml file that seems to be able fonts. 

What might have happened and how do I fix it -- short of re-installing?

Thanks for any help.

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