[Lubuntu] How much disk space does Lubuntu install need.

Colin Law clanlaw at googlemail.com
Sat Dec 24 13:29:56 UTC 2011

On 24 December 2011 13:13, Liam Proven <lproven at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 22 December 2011 12:27, Colin Law <clanlaw at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> On 22 December 2011 11:45, Rigved Rakshit <r.phate at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> > The other option is to use UNetbootin to install it to the hard-drive as
>>>> > a live CD with persistent storage.  The easiest way to do this is stick the
>>>> > 2GB drive in another machine and run UNetbootin.  Change Type from USB Drive
>>>> > to Hard Disk and select the drive from the next box.  You may have to format
>>>> > the 2GB drive to FAT before you start, I can't remember.  It may be best to
>>>> > ignore my instructions, it is reasonably obvious once UNetbootin is running.
>>>> I have just tried to install from the live CD and it says I need 4.1GB
>>>> and won't allow me to carry on.
>>> The suggested method was to install using a method know as LiveUSB:
>>> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent. Unetbootin is available
>>> in Ubuntu, so the Windows method mentioned on the page will work as well.
>> Tricky if the bios will not boot off usb.
> Tricky, yes, but not impossible. The Plop Boot Manager will do this
> and it is free for personal use.
> http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html

Thanks for that link, I have not seen that before.  Filed away for future use.

>> I have now successfully installed Lubuntu from the Alternate CD.  The
>> basic install took 1.4 GB.
> Excellent!

Sadly things have gone downhill.  I found I had to reduce the swap
partition to virtually nothing to get enough free disk to allow it to
upgrade the kernel and then one of the memory sticks went AWOL half
way through the upgrade.  So now I have just 120MB RAM and a half
upgraded kernel.  Not good.  I think maybe the time has come to draw
the experiment to a close and head over to ebay to find a disk and
some RAM.  I shall be a little sad to throw the disk out, it has a
distinctive can of nails rattle when working hard and for a long time
ran my personal machine some years ago, so I am a little sentimentally
attached to it.  :(

For anyone finding this the conclusion is that it is possible to
install Lubuntu on a 2GB Disk, but it does not really provide a viable


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