Newbie query: Ubuntu vs openSUSE

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Sat Dec 24 00:56:02 UTC 2011

On 24/12/11 06:16, Ric Moore wrote:
> On 12/23/2011 01:49 PM, sdavmor wrote:
>> On 12/23/2011 08:07 AM, Liam Proven wrote:
>> [snip all the well-written well-thought out response]
>>> In summary:
>>> Ubuntu: relatively small, modern, simple, streamlined. Very easy
>>> andpolished.
>>> SUSE: big, very capable, quite complex, many many options. Good
>>> admin tools but software management inferior, as is that of all
>>> the RPM-based distros.
>> That's an excellent summary you've provided, Liam.
> Liam, somehow you're coming off dissing rpm, which I'm sure wasn't 
> your intent. Ric

Not to mention that, as someone who contributes to a technical journal, 
he is living in the past.

openSUSE is not owned by Novell anymore. Novell was bought by 
Attachmate, and SuSE is now also a separate unit operating in/from 
Germany (SuSE's land of birth)[1].

Furthermore, the software package management system in YaST is very 
efficient and resolves dependencies perfectly -- totally contrary to 
what "he who doesn't know his facts" claims.

[1] What may be throwing some people off the scent is that there are 
some URLs associated with openSUSE which still have Novell in their URL 
name but this is only because there hasn't been time to alter 
documentation, URL names, etc.


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