Newbie query: Ubuntu vs openSUSE

Rameshwar Kr. Sharma mathsrealworld at
Fri Dec 23 15:55:25 UTC 2011

On Fri, Dec 23, 2011 at 7:16 PM, Billie Walsh <bilwalsh at> wrote:

> If your migrating from a Windows system the KDE desktop [ Kubuntu ] or
> XFCE desktop [ Xubuntu ] will be more familiar to you and may make the
> transition a bit easier. In Ubuntu the Gnome, and possibly Unity [ I
> haven't really looked into Unity myself ], are more MAC like in their
> setup.


> As I read the list it seems that Unity is somewhat of a major departure from
> Gnome and was pushed out to the public quite early in development. You must
> understand that the developers are much more limited in what they can test
> on than the community at large. It's by pushing out to the public and the
> public filing bug reports that the interface gets "fixed" and matures much
> faster. When KDE4.x was first pushed out it was very immature and caused a
> lot of issues. As time has gone by it has matured almost to the point KDE3.x
> was when phased out, and keeps getting better. Given time Unity will mature
> and get better.

Okk, true that the users are the real lives and can make it to live,
the distributions, they correct the things, nice, correct.

> Asking which system [ Ubuntu or Suse ] is better is, as they say in the USA,
> like asking which is better, a Ford or a Chevrolet. Both are very good and
> the choice comes down to personal preference.

;)-, nice analogy.

> Many years ago in another life I worked in a garage. A guy came in and as
> his car was being worked on he made the remark that he loved his Pontiac
> Ventura but there was no way he would ever drive a Chevrolet. Pontiac was a
> MUCH better car than a Chevrolet. I didn't have the heart to tell him that
> his much beloved Pontiac Ventura was just a rebadged Chevrolet Nova and even
> had a Chevrolet motor in it.


> When you get right down to the guts of it all Linux is Linux, like Chevrolet
> and Pontiac are/were both General Motors products and shared much. The part
> that makes for a different user experience is the bells and whistles that
> are added on. Some people like some bells and whistles better than they like
> others.

Nice explanation, thanks for it, could you also in a similar fashion
elaborate the difference between the excellent ubuntu package manager
and than of openSUSE for information point of view.

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