Additional function keys via PuTTY

Jacob Mansfield cyberjacob at
Wed Dec 21 12:47:57 UTC 2011

On 21 Dec 2011, at 12:41, Mark Widdicombe wrote:
> Have you tried different values for $TERM? It can be easier than
> creating or editing the termcap file.  Try, for example, setting $TERM
> to vt120 or vt220 which should have the keys you need mapped already.
> Failing that you'll have to Google for the termcap entries for the
> type of terminal you're trying to emulate.

I'm using the ansi $TERM value, as that's what PuTTY emulates when on SCO keyboard mode, which works perfectly for the standard function keys.
if it helps, I can tell you that F13 is generated by \E[Y (escape [Y ). what I don't understand is, why tic thinks there's a ÿ and two : character/capabilities in the file.
(would you like me to attach the file?)

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