Is encrypting a /home directory suggested?

LinuxIsOne reallife at
Tue Dec 20 06:47:56 UTC 2011

On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 7:58 AM, Ric Moore <wayward4now at> wrote:

> Depends on what you have on your computer. I don't have a blessed thing that
> I would care one way or the other if someone got my machine. I don't have
> banking data or credit card info stored. I don't trust the net, so I use my
> machine with that in mind. Someone would have to break into the house to
> grab it and lug it away causing a probable groin injury.

> But, if I was using a laptop, and traveled with it while carrying
> personal/business financial files or official state secrets, then I would go
> for the overhead of encryption. So, it all depends on your particular use
> case. There must be some sort of system penalty, performance-wise, with all
> that encryption/decryption going on all the time. Since I don't use it, I
> can't say one way or the other. But, I suspect there would be some. Ric

In fact I do have - important office documents which are used on daily
basis, important email which are sent on daily basis and daily chating
with the clients of the company. At times, bank transactions are made
weekly, some utility bills are paid online and traveling tickets are
too made online. Some crucial data too exists and a file keeping
important office notices. Apart from it - movies, songs, pictures,
collection of rare things found here and there on the internet. Seeing
all these I would try to encrypt then in the next LTS. However, I have
installed 'gufw' and enabled it so that I can be more secured.

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