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Tim Frost timfrost at
Mon Dec 19 06:54:54 UTC 2011

On Sun, 2011-12-18 at 09:52 -0600, Peng Yu wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a number of usernames and passwords current saved a plain text
> file. I remember that that there are some password management tools to
> encrypt the user/pass info. I don't call what the tool is. Would you
> please let me know what tools are available for saving usernames and
> passwords?

I use pwman.  It requires you to have a GPG key, as the passwords are
stored in an XML file that is encrypted using a specified GPG private

pwman is a sourceforge project (the home page is, but because I was supporting
pwman on several systems (most running 64-bit Ubuntu), I have a derived
version available in my PPA - see

pwman is text-based (using curses/ncurses in a terminal window), rather
than a web or X-based application.  If you want a graphical tool,
KeePassX may be a better option. KeePassX  is in the ubuntu repositories
as keepassx.

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> Regards,
> Peng


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