how to take snapshots in special cases

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> I have been taking screen shots on ubuntu via the PrintScreen key
> which still is working.However if I click the network icon in top
> right hand corner and want to take screen shot of this (with network
> icon such as available wireless networks in drop down menu) then the
> print screen key does not work .Same is the case with volume or
> battery or bluetooth icon in panel.If I click on volume icon and there
> appears a vertical bar to increase or decrease there I pause for a
> moment I can not take screen shot at that moment.How ever if I again
> click the volume icon in tray and the vertical bar disappears then I
> can take the screen shots.So in this situation if I want to take
> screen shots of the icons then what can I do?

ogra at horus:~$ gnome-screenshot --help
  gnome-screenshot [OPTION...] Take a picture of the screen
   -d, --delay=seconds Take screenshot after specified delay [in

just use gnome-screenshot (which is what your PrintScr key invokes)
from a terminal or teh alt+f2 key combo and define a delay ...

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