Reading and writing files to a Windows partition

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Fri Dec 16 00:01:07 UTC 2011

On 16/12/11 02:57, Bill Stanley wrote:
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> I got your input an reading/writing files. Thank you.
> On the motter of hibernation, this is what I think is occurring.  In 
> hibernation, the OS preserves the state of the computer prior to going 
> into hibernation.  Part of the state of the computer is a copy of the 
> file allocation table.  It also keeps track of the state any opened 
> files.  Now if you dual boot and a different OS accesses that file 
> system and changes it, the state of the file system is changed.  When 
> the OS that was hibernating wakes up, it sees a changed file system 
> and all sorts of problems occur.
> If this is a correct interpretation then a hibernating Linux system 
> would have problems when Windows changed the file system.  Maybe you 
> could safely read files while the alternate OS is hibernating but 
> writing files will be a no-no.   Now if the file system is changed by 
> the mere act of reading of files then reading files will be risky as 
> well.  I am no expert on file systems and I think an expert on this 
> should enlighten us.
> Bill Stanley

The obvious answer is not to hibernate but shutdown Windows before 
powering off.

One other alternative is not to dual but to use Virtual Box in Linux to 
run Windows.


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