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Ric Moore wayward4now at
Mon Dec 12 01:41:01 UTC 2011

On 12/11/2011 10:09 AM, LinuxIsOne wrote:

> 3. I cannot upgrade from LTS to LTS?

Sure you can, theory. But with your limited knowledge of all 
things Ubuntu/Linux it might be preferable to make small steps instead 
of giant leaps. Some have reported success doing the LTS to LTS upgrade.

Me, I just don't trust it making that huge a packages leap, then 
trusting old config files to actually work as intended. Me, I back up 
everything and install cleanly, after waiting a few months for the new 
LTS version to shake out. I have had almost zero problems that way.

Regarding the use of the ppa's. Like any package, driver or tarball not 
from the standard repos, you're on your own if they break. The only 
support you can expect will be from the ppa maintainer. Ric

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