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> As part of the upgrade to 12.04, that PPA would be disabled, but
> LibreOffice left installed.
> If the version of LibreOffice you have installed at that point is newer
> than the one in 12.04, it is left alone.
> If the version you have installed at that point is older than the one
> in 12.04, it is upgraded to the one in 12.04
> You would then need to manually re-enable that PPA if you wish to carry
> on using it (if, for example, you're running a newer version than that
> in 12.04 and would like to stay ahead of it).
> If you want to make sure you're running the 12.04 version of
> LibreOffice, you can either uninstall it immediately prior to the
> upgrade, or downgrade it afterwards. I think you can do downgrading in
> Synaptic, but on the command line it is
> apt-get install <package-name>=<version>
> If, when the time comes, this is what you want to do, it would be best
> to ask then - we don't yet know what version will ship in 12.04, and
> it's possible that package names will change in the interim.

Well thank for this explicit information. But apart from it, while I have
complete removed OO package from Synaptic (from searching) but even now
when I search OO and look in the install (from lest bar) some things are
still there, should these also to be removed...? Here is what is left:-
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