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But there's no great reason to do 2 & 3 if you're happy with the Libre
> Office installation you've already got. You cannot uninstall Libre
> Office in synaptic because it wasn't installed through synaptic. If
> you want to uninstall it, you should check the documentation from Oracle
> about how to uninstall it - it will be specific to the method you used
> to install it, and probably contained in the notes in the archive you
> downloaded.

But I have already uninstalled LO from the Synaptic itself though it was
not installed from Ubuntu Software Center, but after installation it came
into the Synpatic (I don't know how and why) and also their doc of
uninstallation says that it should be uninstalled from Synaptic only if you
are using Ubuntu, it is what I read but I don't know if it is wrong...or
right...but I have uninstalled.....I don't know if I did wrong or right but
as you say then, just install via PPA.

Just a small query: Is it really neccessary to UNinstall OO after I install
LO. However, I would use only LO but would OO (if it remains there in the
sys.) cause a conflict with LO...? It happens really?
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