Learning CLI: should I install Ubuntu Server?

Avi Greenbury lists at avi.co
Sun Dec 11 13:03:16 UTC 2011

LinuxIsOne wrote:

> For learning some basics of CLI in Linux, should I install Ubuntu LTS
> Server edition? Since I heard everything here works with CLI, is it
> true? Right now I am having Ubuntu LTS desktop 10.04.3...?

The server edition starts out as little more than the desktop edition
without a desktop. The CLI available on the desktop version is
identical, so you can just fire up a terminal (ctrl+alt+t) in your
desktop and get going with the terminal there.

There's a fairly good introduction to the command line here:


And there's good documentation around for completing specific tasks on
the command line. It's perhaps worth remembering, too, that generally
the command line method of doing things on any Linux is broadly similar
to Ubuntu, and if you come across Debian instructions, those will
generally work in exactly the same way.


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