Ubuntu One Control Panel - problem(s), where do its 'credentials' come from?

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Sun Dec 11 10:24:26 UTC 2011

I am trying to get Ubuntu One to work from my xubuntu 11.04 system, with
little success at the moment.

I do have an Ubuntu One account set up and I can log into it at the
Ubuntu One website.

However when I click on Ubuntu One to bring up the Ubuntu One Control
Panel on my desktop nothing works.  When I click on "I already have an
account" it greys out for quite a long time and then comes back with a
message saying "There was a problem while retrieving the cred".  Since I
have never entered any 'credentials' on my desktop I'm not surprised it
can't find them!  Where/how is the Ubuntu One Control Panel supposed to
be able to find my Ubuntu One account name and password?

As an aside - why does the Ubuntu One Control Panel insist on popping up
on the workspace where Firefox is running rather than on the current
workspace?  When I click on it I expect it to appear and it doesn't
(unless I happen to be on the Firefox workspace).

Chris Green

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