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Ric Moore wayward4now at
Sun Dec 11 01:14:35 UTC 2011

On 12/10/2011 08:41 AM, LinuxIsOne wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 9, 2011 at 1:48 PM, Johnny Rosenberg <gurus.knugum at
> <mailto:gurus.knugum at>> wrote:
>     The page you get to with that link look different for me than it does
>     for you, since it depends on your system.
>     First of all, if 32 bit, select Linux x86 (deb). I guess you did that
>     already. Then select your language. IN my case it is Swedish, so I get
>     these downloads:
>     LibO_3.4.4_Linux_x86_install-deb_en-US.tar.gz 145 MB
>     LibO_3.4.4_Linux_x86_langpack-deb_sv.tar.gz 1.9 MB (sv - Svenska)
>     LibO_3.4.4_Linux_x86_helppack-deb_sv.tar.gz 10 MB (sv - Svenska)
>     I guess it will be similar for you, except a different language.
>     Download all three of them. Put them somewhere easily available, let's
>     say at ~/Desktop.
>     Now, at your desktop, select all of them, right click, select
>     ”Extract here…”
>     Three new folders are created on your desktop.
>     You can now remove the original archive files, those you just
>     downloaded.
>     Open a terminal.
>     cd Desktop/Linux_x86_install-deb_en-US/DEBS
>     (use the TAB key so you don't have to type all that manually)
>     sudo dpkg -i *deb
>     (All files are installed in the right order and when it's finished,
>     LibreOffice is installed on your system)
>     cd desktop-integration
>     sudo dpkg -i *
>     (This installs the ”desktop integration”, I am not sure exactly what
>     it does, but at least it creates icons for the different application
>     in your Office menu)
>     Now you might want to install the language packs, unless your language
>     is US English. You have to ”translate” my case to your case here, but
>     it shouldn't cause you any trouble.
>     cd ../../../LibO_3.4.4rc2_Linux_x86_langpack-deb_sv/DEBS
>     sudo dpkg -i *
>     (Your language is now installed, or at least mine, in this case)
>     cd ../../LibO_3.4.4rc2_Linux_x86_helppack-deb_sv/DEBS
>     sudo dpkg -i *
>     (By the way, ”..” means ”up one level”, so if you are at
>     ”/a/b/c/../p”, then you are at ”/a/b/p”. If you then do a ”cd ../..”,
>     then you are at ”/a”)
> Well I have installed but there are few doubts regarding it:
> 1. Libre Office things are coming at the same place where OO things are
> already there - no separate folder for the two but no issues if this is
> the default.
> 2.  Can I delete the original files from the Desktop?
> 3. By default now is : OO or LO or do I need to set the one? If yes, how?
> 4. However, I would not need but if ever would want to uninstalled Libre
> Office, how could I do this since it is no more coming in the Ubuntu
> Software Center even after installation.
> 5. From where does LO would get the updates?

You do know that once you install from outside of the usual approved 
repo sources that you're on you own?? And, "If it breaks you get to keep 
both pieces"?

They will have forums where any package problem is discussed there. Same 
goes for installing hardware drivers directly from their websites, 
tar.gz files, or rogue .deb packages, as you have installed. That's why 
is isn't encouraged.

Did you read this section before asking for help?
All you would ever need to know, and I found it in 5 seconds with a 
google search. It's where you got the package under the "help" section. 
The de-install instructions are there as well. The answers to everything 
you have asked is there. Ric

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