Problems with Ubuntu image

Felipe Martins felipesmmelo at
Thu Dec 8 13:48:00 UTC 2011

 Hi there,

    We are currently deploying
 Ubuntu Cloud in a
 Dell cluster at Federal
 University of Ouro Preto, in Brazil.
    We have downloaded the Ubuntu image from the official releases' website
 and deployed it successfully. However, we started to face intermittent
 access problems with this image when trying to log into the running
 instance. Some times we could log into the instance, other times, not, as it
 presented the error "Permission denied (publickey).". We changed the public
 key permissions and locations but the problem persisted.
    So, we downloaded the other images available at the website (Fedora,
 Debian and CentOS). Once deployed (by using the same process than used with
 the Ubuntu image), we have been able to log into any of them, wherever the
 public key is, whatever configuration is chosen for the instance. These
 facts have led us to believe that the Ubuntu image has something wrong.
 other users experienced the same problem?

    Best regards,

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