How do i scroll in bash using keyboard?

Avi Greenbury lists at
Wed Dec 7 20:15:04 UTC 2011

Sushil Mantri wrote:

> Thanks a lot Karl for replying but maybe i did not bring my problem
> clearly.
> I use a gui terminal, and i want to scroll through the scroll back
> buffer using keyboard only. <shift> + pgup is painful as i dont use
> PgUp much. Also it scrolls the whole page, i want to scroll more like
> the mouse does, 1 line at a time. Also piping it to other files is
> not what i am looking for.

What would be s less painful?

You *could* use screen and its paste buffer, but it would be worth
reading around a bit to get the hang of what screen is.

In short, though, you can start a screen session by typing


and hitting enter. In that, you can scroll through the buffer by
pressing ctrl-a then [, and use the arrow keys to scroll around. ] will
then exit the scrolling mode. More accurately, ] will paste what you've
highlighted, but if you don't highlight, it just exits. Esc always
exits, but is probably further away than page up.

I'm sure there is something better suited to what you're after than
that, but I've never had cause to look for it, and nothing comes
particularly to mind.


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