Configuring Quick Synergy to start automatically

Dave Woyciesjes woyciesjes at
Wed Dec 7 16:29:01 UTC 2011

On 12/07/2011 06:26 AM, CJ Tres wrote:
> I've found an explanation of edits at
> that need to be made to
> scripts in the Default files in three directories, gdm/Init,
> gdm/PostLogin - the third edit is supposed to be made in gdm/Sessions/
> but my /gdm has no Sessions folder, only PostSession and PreSession. I'm
> using Natty.
> Would the edit then be made in the Deafult script of the PreSession
> directory, or is there a Sessions dir that has maybe been moved
> somewhere else?... or maybe Sessions now is named differently?
> The instructions are not Ubuntu specific, only for Unix but it covers
> xdm/kdm and gdm.
> Also it is not clear when the guide was written so I've no idea what
> might be different in Ubuntu today.
> Any help?
	I've never bothered with QuickSynergy, just Synergy itself. On the host 
machine, I created ~/.synergy.conf, and added /usr/bin/synergys into 
Startup Applications.
	For the clients, I just add /usr/bin/synergyc host's-hostname to it's 
Startup Applications.

	Nothing fancy. Here's en edited version of my .synergy.conf file: (I 
used the FQDN for each machine in my real file)

    section: screens
     section: links
            left = Ubuntu111064bit
            right = Win7
            left = macOSX105
            right = Ubuntu111064bit
            left = Win7
            right = macOSX105

	Ubuntu is the host, and the Win 7 & Mac OSX 10.5 machines are the 
clients. I've had a WinXP machine & and iPhone in the mix as well before.
	The Win 7 (which is joined to an AD Domain) laptop dual boots to Ubuntu 
11.10 also.

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