how to transfer files between 2 linux computers

Frank mailinglists at
Wed Dec 7 13:42:30 UTC 2011

Why not use SSHFS ?

sshfs is perfect for anyone with multiple computers; using it is quicker
and easier than setting up Samba or NFS, and your network transmissions
are encrypted like any SSH session.

Once again let’s say you’re using a laptop and your files are on a
desktop machine. First create a mountpoint on the laptop. I call mine

carla at laptop:~$ mkdir sshfs

Then mount a remote directory like this:

carla at laptop:~$ sshfs carla at desktop:/home/carla/stuff sshfs/

You’ll need to enter your remote password (unless you’ve set up public
key authentication), and then poof! Your remote files are now as good as
local. You can do your work with local applications, and your data files
are all in one place on your master PC. When you’re finished, unmount
the remote directory with fusermount -u sshfs, replacing sshfs with your
own mountpoint.

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