Subject: Open Office and / or Libre Office

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In my experience Libre Office is less buggy. Sun Micro Systems bought OpenOffice's Founder "StarOffice" out years ago with the clear intent on proving how flexible and extensible JAVA ( Creation of Sun Micro Systems) really was. It won't run properly without it. For the most part they did a great job but the economy being what it's been for several years now the Fortunes of Sun Micro unfortunately have turned rather bleak and in Jan. 2010 they merged with Oracle in a 7.4 "BILLION" dollar deal. Oracle makes a very robust database system and it runs very well on Solaris (A flavor of UNIX Created and maintained by Sun Micro)the problem being Oracle "Dropped The Ball" when it came to maintaining Open Office and as time went on it only got much worse. A little more than a year ago a spin-off of OpenOffice "LibreOffice" was borne out of frustration and in some cases "lack of choice". They took the best remaining ideas of OpenOffice and put some new stuff in with them. In my opinion LibreOffice is more stable and it just plain runs better. There won't much you can't do with either of them that you could do in M$ Office but you'll probably be able to do it better with LibreOffice as opposed to OpenOffice. Try them both (Drive them around the block, experience the ride, kick the tires so to speak) and see which works best for you. To some it's like a preference in Bottled Water, with others it's a lot more intense a difference. 

You'll have to find that answer for yourself but for me it's LibreOffice.

Hope this helps. Sorry if I tend to babble a bit.

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>Subject: Open Office and / or Libre Office
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>Ubuntu LTS offers Open office by default but not Libre Office.
>However, I am new, but should I also install Libre office? Or just
>Open Office is able to do which what you can expect out of Libre
>Office or there is some change in the usage of the two? One who has
>experiences on both could tell better.

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