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Doug dmcgarrett at
Mon Dec 5 23:59:49 UTC 2011

On 12/5/2011 5:58 PM, PleegWat wrote:
> On 12/05/2011 11:12 PM, Udvarias Ur wrote:
>> Is there some way of entering accented characters from the keyboard?
> Secondly, you can configure a key on your keyboard as 'Compose key'. To
> do this, on the keyboard layout configuration screen, press the
> 'Options...' button, and under 'Compose key position' select one or more
> keys. This allows you to enter all kinds of characters by pressing the
> compose key followed by a number of other keys. For your example:
> Compose, ', e or Compose, e, ' give é.

I use the compose key combination all the time when I need European 
characters, and some others.  In the examples above, leave out the 
commas.  In other words, it's just Compose 'e  or Compose e' to get
é.  You can get all the European characters, including ß ¡ ¿ ç ñ, all 
the German umlauts, everything upper and lower case, and the money signs 
€ £ ¥ ƒ ¢ and a couple fractions ½ ¼. µ also, for µF, etc.This §
is Compose pp, if you're making an index or something.  You can also
get a paragraph sign, ¶ Compose |q.

This trick works in just about everything, including the Bash (Konsole) 
environment, KWrite, LibreOffice, Thunderbird, etc.

To use this dingus in Windows, look for and download a freebie called
AllChars.  For AllChars you can do Compose am for a help screen.  I'm
not in Linux at the moment, so I don't know if that works there. (I
just discovered that by accident!)


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