workspace on Gnome

Avi Greenbury lists at
Sun Dec 4 16:22:58 UTC 2011

Rogelio wrote:

> I switched from Unity to Gnome, and I don't see Workspaces.

Is this Gnome3? Gnome3's workspaces are dynamic, so you start with two
(one on top of the other) and when you put something in the bottom
one, it spawns a new one below it for you. When you empty one in the
middle, it removed it for you. 

Again, in Gnome 3 you can view the workspaces by hitting the left
windows key, where they appear on the right, or cycle through them by
doing ctrl-alt-up to go up and ctrl-alt-down to go down. 

The Gnome 2 fallback (which only exists in Natty) should behave exactly
as the old Gnome desktops did, but the workspaces are arranged in a 2x2
square, rather than a single row of four.

> I look for it, installed it, but still isn't working.

What did you install? Which version of Ubuntu is this?


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