Sync services - Wuala vs Tonido

Patton Echols p.echols at
Sun Dec 4 00:18:03 UTC 2011

I am looking for a sync / offsite storage solution and have narrowed it 
down to waula and tonido.  Since my thinking is kind of long, I'll 
mention the questions first, and my thinking second.

Q 1. Does anyone have practical experience / comments about either?
Q 2. If you like tonido, have you installed it on a headless ubuntu 
server?  The documents I've found on their site make it appear that a 
gui is needed for configuration.
Q 3. Are their other alternatives I may have overlooked?

My thinking.  Dropbox is an obvious choice.  In fact, I found both of 
the above by searching for "dropbox alternatives".  Given the security 
problems that Dropbox has had, I'm not interested.  Especiallty true 
since I'll have business data on the service.

What is attractive about Waula is that encryption takes place on your 
computer, not their server and they are right up front about having no 
key recovery method.  (If a service can recover a key for you, they can 
recover it for someone else with a sufficient bribe or compulsion).  
Wuala also allows you to share a folder with other users or those you 
send a link to.  (Additional security risk here, but manageable.) The 
downside is relying on an international cloud service, no matter how secure.

What I like about Tonido is that your documents are on your own computer 
that acts as a server for all the peers that it syncs with.  It does not 
appear straightforward to install without a gui (but I may just have not 
found the correct instructions yet).  I also don't know whether the 
third party sharing is fine grained enough or secure enough.  Sure, you 
can give access to anyone you want.  But I want more control.

These are the basic requirements:  (1) Sync files that are available on 
my office (Win-XP) machine with my desktop and laptop (Ubuntu lucid) 
and, at some point viewable on an android pad. (2) Allow customers to be 
able to view their subfolder and download their documents but see no-one 
else's files.   In other words, if I have a file tree like this:


I want to be able to give both carl and john access to their own 
deliverable folder, but not the drafts folder and not each others.  I 
believe Waula can do this, but I'm not sure about tonido.

Thanks for reading.


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