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Ioannis Vranos ioannis.vranos at
Fri Dec 2 15:09:20 UTC 2011

On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 4:17 PM, Jeffrey Gray <chevy4x4burb at> wrote:
> I will say that I held on for dear life to Gnome 2.  I updated my
> netbook to Ubuntu 11.10 at which point I found the classic gnome to be
> of no more.  Gnome 3 chocked it.  1.6ghz atom with 2GB of DDR3 were no
> match for it.  Anyway, I replaced my wifes windows with Ubuntu 11.10
> and started playing with the Gnome.  Then my work laptop updated
> pachages and hosed so I had to let it upgrade to 11.10 and am using
> Gnome 3.  I HATE that damn bar in Unity.
> I am looking at the new netbooks coming out with "Duo" CPUs from
> Intel.  I have not read on them but assume that they are probably like
> a dual core atom.  Anyone have any experience with running Gnome 3 on
> one of these animals?

Regarding Ubuntu 11.10, if Unity is too slow for you, you can use the
already installed Unity 2D, which is light. You may select it at the
login screen, by clicking the icon on the right of your name.

Ioannis Vranos

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