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Fri Dec 2 12:58:40 UTC 2011

On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 2:46 PM, Mike <lake.wind77 at> wrote:
> On 12/02/2011 07:38 AM, Mike wrote:
>> On 12/01/2011 12:32 PM, Jeffrey Gray wrote:
>>> Anyone messed with gnome3? I tried it on my netbook and it
>>> chocked
>>> the living crap out of it. I am now using it on my work PC
>>> as well as
>>> the wife's box at home and find it fairly slick.
>>> Anyone with any thoughts?
>> I'm using Gnome 3 (Mint 12 with the Mint Gnome Shell
>> Extensions) and I like it a lot. I like the fact that there
>> are extensions that allow you to customize your desktop. Mine
>> is customized to resemble a classic Mint Gnome 2 desktop (one
>> panel on the bottom), however I'm also finding that I use the
>> infinity button (activities menu) quite often. I'm also liking
>> the alt f2 feature that brings up the run command prompt.
>> My prediction is that Gnome 3 will be very customizable in the
>> near future thanks to the Gnome Extensions that are
>> continually being developed. Unity will most likely be more
>> customizable as time goes on as well.
>> The more I use Gnome 3 the more I'm liking it.
>> HTH
> I forgot to mention that I also added the Cairo Dock to the top of my
> traditional looking (Gnome 2 style) desktop with additional customized
> launchers. I have it set to auto hide unless I mouse over. As you said,
> Gnome 3 is "fairly slick". :)

I have to note here, that GNOME 3.2 comes with its Classic UI, along
with GNOME Shell.

For example in Fedora, GNOME 3.2 Classic UI gets installed by default,
when installing GNOME 3.2.

Classic UI can also be installed in Ubuntu, by installing the
gnome-panel metapackage (but it isn't polished by Canonical, it comes
in its vanilla GNOME 3.2 form).

So I can't understand what Mint is supposed to do with its extensions
that make "GNOME Shell look like Classic UI". They could provide GNOME
3.2 Classic UI polished.

Actually they have been making GNOME look like Windows Vista/7, which
I do not like.

Also Mint is a hobbyist distribution, not an Enterprise Linux
distribution like Ubuntu -

Myself found inconsistencies in Mint 11. For example, the graphical
update manager showed no updates available, while apt-get upgrade
showed updates available.

Myself prefer only Enterprise Linux distributions like Ubuntu and
Scientific Linux (based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux; NOT CentOS,
because it is also a hobbyist distribution).

Now, if you do your work OK with Mint, you may keep using it, I just
said my thoughts.

Ioannis Vranos

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