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Thu Dec 1 21:03:37 UTC 2011

On 12/01/2011 01:11 PM, Pete wrote:
> On 12/01/2011 05:32 PM, Jeffrey Gray wrote:
>> Anyone messed with gnome3? I tried it on my netbook and it chocked
>> the living crap out of it. I am now using it on my work PC as well as
>> the wife's box at home and find it fairly slick.
>> Anyone with any thoughts?

	Oh yeah, I'm digging it. Seems quicker than Unity. Plus I'm really 
getting to like the action that clicking the Activities button (or 
hitting the Winkey) does. Everything right there...

> Hi,
> Well I quite like it!.......But it has it's downsides (no screen saver
> to name 1)

	Remedy described here:

>  but as with all things new in the LINUX world time will help
> as more brainy people than me continue to develop it.
> A few pointers if you haven't found them already:
> :- to add items to panels press <Alt> and then right click
> :- The 'Online Accounts' should really be renamed 'Online Account' as it
> only supports Google accounts at the moment
> Also (may be my machine but works on Xfce) 3D games such as
> 'Foo-billiards' seem very slow and jerky on Gnome 3 (& Unity)
> I am sure someone on this list will poo-poo it but as I said time
> improves all things LINUX (until they cease to be supported like my
> loved AWN!)
> See post entitled Ubuntu loosing it's popularity for a long rant on
> Unity and Gnome 3 from Various people!
> Have Fun I am!
> Pete

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