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> Ernest Doub <hideserted at gmail.com> wrote:
> > The reason for going to "push button drive" in automobiles has to do
> > with the increasing cost reductions made possible by using electronic
> > controls instead of mechanical linkages.
> > Since the underlying systems are all monitored and controlled through
> > integrated circuits it now just makes sense to adopt that control
> > scheme for automatic transmissions.
> > Manual transmissions still require a mechanical linkage for gear
> > changing. Any of the so called auto/manual trans setups is just an
> > automatic transmission with an override on the automatic part.
> > Now if they would just start using a linux based system for the super
> > wiz bang toys instead of the microsoft system...
> And, just with fly-by-wire aircraft, the Powers-That-Be can take
> control of your vehicle with a powerful enough transmitter /or/ by
> using the included back door in the software.
> No electro-magnetic pulse needed any more, none of that cumbersome
> radiation shielding.
One of the reasons for using a Linux based control system instead of the
current one - open source - the hot rodders friend.

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