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Mon Aug 29 22:44:05 UTC 2011

On Mon, 29 Aug 2011 16:39:44 -0500
Jordon Bedwell <jordon at envygeeks.com> didst polemicize thusly:

> On 08/29/2011 04:34 PM, Ric Moore wrote:
> > On Mon, 2011-08-29 at 11:56 -0600, compdoc wrote:
> >>> The main Mint maintainer has specifically asked that Israelis
> >>> not use Mint.
> >>
> >> Cool.
> > 
> > It MUST be a marketing ploy. Tell someone NOT to do something and
> > they will do it. That, or there is some double-naught spy
> > encryption involved that the Israeli government doesn't want it's
> > citizens to have? Ric
> Nah, it was a misinterpreted statement.  Sometimes like what happens
> to me, he said this when he meant that.  In short what he really
> meant is if you're a terrorist or you support terrorism, or you
> terrorise people (not like we do, where we troll them,) he doesn't
> want you around his OS at all.  There is a blog post where he
> clarifies it to somebody who emailed him about it.
Absolutely incorrect.  See:
He is just and only a bigot caught at his bigotry and trying
desperately to distance himself from it.

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