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Basil Chupin blchupin at
Sat Aug 27 14:36:12 UTC 2011

On 27/08/11 18:07, Goh Lip wrote:
> On 27/08/11 16:01, Basil Chupin wrote:
>> On 27/08/11 17:24, Goh Lip wrote:
>>> On 27/08/11 15:21, chris wrote:
>>>> I can't win here.:-)
>>>> My farther was Australian who immigrated to NZ.
>>>> Raised the intelligence level of both countries
>>> So your father caused the decline of IQ in both countries? :)
>> Ooow, even for me, that is a bit "below the belt" Goh.
> So sorry, then. It was a standard joke I keep hearing from Kiwi's when 
> their fellow countrymen go to OZLand. I thought by now, it would have 
> lost the sting.
> Regards - Goh Lip

Ah, something along the lines of:

Person #1 in the pub asking his drinking mate: "What does it mean when 
you have an IQ of 100?".  To which

Person #2 responds, "It means that you are a pretty smart fella."

Person #1: "And what does it mean then when you have an IQ of 60?"

Person #2: "It means that you wouldn't even be able to tie your own 

After some thinking...:

Person #1: "Ah. Is that why most Australian men wear thongs?"


"Facts are stupid things."
     Ronald Reagan

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