Google Chrome / Chromium Browsers and Ubuntu Natty

Amichai Rotman amichai at
Wed Aug 24 11:34:37 UTC 2011

Hey all,

I have a problem with both Google Web browsers: Google Chrome and Chromium

I want to use Chromium for my work (Google Apps) and Google Chrome for my
personal profile.

All was well until two, three weeks ago. Suddenly I cannot close individual
tabs - the little red X at the top isn't responding when I hover over it. I
have to right click the tab title and choose 'Close Tab' from the context
menu. It happens on both browsers. Toggling the 'System bar and borders'
option under the Personal Stuff preferences tab did not help.

I am guessing it has something to do with Compiz / Emerald / Unity - every
time I login to a session, the very firs thing i have to do is right click
the Fusion icon and choose 'Reload Window Manager', else, I cannot interact
with the Unity panel indicators (Dropbox,Virtualbox etc.).

Also, when i setup Google Account Sync, every time I start the browser
(again - both) or open a new tab, it takes it about 30-40 seconds(!) to load
the first page (set up for the 'New Tab' window.

BTW, I tried both Google Chrome Stable and Unstable. Unstable is faster and
doesn't have the address bar lookup bug, but still has the aforementioned

I am using an nVidia GForce 8400 GS Graphics adapter with the latest
(nvidia-current) drivers.
Is it related to Natty not being an LTS version?

I happen to like Unity, and it seems Natty is faster (probably due to it's
Kernel), so I'd like to fix this, rather than reverting to 10.04.


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